TKTX Green 55% Numbing Cream Original

(940 customer reviews)


TKTX Green 55% Numbing Cream Original is used for temporary relief of pain which available without a prescription, Tattooing without pain anymore.

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This is due to its great anesthetic power combined with rapid occlusion, being super-indicated for tattoos, permanent makeup (eyebrows, lips, eyeliner), beauty with microneedling, puncture, laser hair removal, laser resurfacing, IPL treatment, electrocautery.

Anesthetic strength of 55%, TKTX Green 55% Numbing Cream Original is part of the Traditional category of our products. TKTX 55% Numbing Cream is the best tktx numbing cream in its class.

Its effect time is 3 to 5 hours.

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TKTX Numbing Cream Green 55%

TKTX Green 55% Numbing Cream Original

TKTX Green 55% Numbing Cream Original is used for temporary pain relief which is available without a prescription, very used for painless tattooing.

This is due to its great anesthetic power combined with rapid occlusion, being super-indicated for tattoos, permanent makeup (eyebrows, lips, eyeliner), beauty with microneedling, puncture, laser hair removal, laser resurfacing, IPL treatment, electrocautery.

Anesthetic strength of 55%, TKTX Green 55% Numbing Cream Original is part of the Traditional category of our products. TKTX 55% Numbing Cream is the best tktx numbing cream in its class.

Its effect time is 3 to 5 hours.

TKTX Green 55% Numbing Cream Original is used for temporary relief of pain which available without a prescription, Tattooing without pain anymore.

  • Original TKTX, 100% Authentic, Official Website, 100% Guaranteed Purchase from TKTXcompany.com, Free Worldwide Shipping, Genuine Guaranteed Product, Special Wholesale Prices, numbing tattoo cream, numbing cream on tattoos, super numb tattoo cream, tattoo numbing cream tktx, best tattoo numbing cream, numbing cream for tattoos, Official TKTX Store.

How to Use TKTX Green 55% Numbing Cream Original ?




To know more

Our creams are recommended by tattoo artists and other areas of aesthetics and indicate their use, they are products based on Prilocaine and Lidocaine, substances that result in anesthetizing the skin.
It is important to emphasize that the components of the product do not cause any kind of damage to health, but it is recommended to carry out skin allergy tests before use.

Where does the cream work.

DERME layer (composed of five layers of cells)
EPIDERMIS layer (a tissue that contains protein fibers, blood vessels, nerve endings, sensory organs and glands and is richly vascularized and innervated).

Important notes

Store above 0°C and below 20°C.
For external use only.
Avoid eye cream.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Do not put this product in the rectum.
Cap the tube tightly when not in use.
A super important detail is that TKTX Numbing Cream, in addition to being efficient, DOES NOT CHANGE the tattoo colors.
Not consume alcoholic beverages, use drugs and lactose (milk and dairy products) for 24 hours before the tattoo.

TKTX Company statement:

TKTX Green 55% Numbing Cream Original is not suitable for use in an environment below 25°C, otherwise it will affect the absorption of anesthetics and may cause the skin not to become numb quickly. It is not suitable for some people who have heart disease, high blood pressure, are pregnant or nursing, know an allergy to any ingredient, thyroid disease, diabetes, depression or have difficulty urinating due to an enlarged prostate.

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10 g
10 × 3 × 2 cm
Product Name

TKTX Numbing Cream Green 55%


Green 55%




Lidocaine 7%, Prilocaine 7%, Epinephrine 2%

Validity period

2 years

Cream Color

White, Pink

940 reviews for TKTX Green 55% Numbing Cream Original

  1. Roy A. Russell (verified owner)

    No pain at all!! guarantee it!

  2. Bethany D. Barden (verified owner)

    Had a color session on my chest. 3 hours and couldn’t feel a thing. I tried 3+ other brands and this is the only one that actually worked. Product 10/10 Customer Service 4/10, that’s the only reason I gave it 4 stars.

  3. James C. Murdock (verified owner)

    Felt great

  4. Lucille J. Higgins (verified owner)

    Amazing, worked for a solid 6 hours

  5. Donald M. Jones (verified owner)

    10/10! I wish l had this with my first 2 tattoos! (19 & 20 years ago) I didn’t use it for my forearm but l bought it specifically for my ribcage and it worked amazing on that! I put it on and wrapped it up and 1 hour and 15 mins later we started with no pain at all! I only felt pressure and vibration! When she was shading the arrow l felt a very little bit but it was absolutely doable. I bought 3 small tubes and didn’t even use one full one. I will absolutely be using the rest of that tube and the other 2 for the recoloring and adding on of my first 2 two decades ago! I also bought the aftercare balm and the translucent sheets. BUY THEM! Even the shop uses their aftercare for when you get wrapped up to go home. I’ve been telling everybody! : )

  6. Kenneth B. Ferguson (verified owner)

    I was supposed to apply the cream and then cover it with Saran Wrap but forgot to cover it. It still kept me numb and I only felt the needle on parts that I didn’t apply properly. Definitely get a friend to help you apply it and definitely use this prior to any tattoos!! It was 2 hours of a large piece on my side.

  7. Denis J. Hendrix (verified owner)

    This cream works well for numbing your skin for a basic tattoo (not color). Lasted for hours!

  8. Kristen J. Welch (verified owner)

    This product has allowed me to sit comfortably, on numerous occasions, for 4-6 hour tattoo sessions. 10/10 would recommend.

  9. Patricia M. Gutierrez (verified owner)

    Tattoo took 4 hours and i felt Nothing it’s amazing will be ordering more

  10. Danny M. McKinney (verified owner)

    Work magic!

  11. Trinidad J. Wells (verified owner)

    With out it!! I can’t take the pain!!! It if you follow all the steps.

  12. Earl I. Crofts (verified owner)

    Trust me the tattoo numbing cream is perfect no pain at all almost fall asleep

  13. Dorothy J. Delgado (verified owner)

    Awesome product!!! Highly recommend! Tattooing Shins thigh any place that tickles!!

  14. Maria Souza Pereira (verified owner)

    Surpreendente. Eu amo isso!

  15. Lon M. Bird (verified owner)

    Literallt the best one out there!

  16. Sandra D. Sanchez (verified owner)

    I was skeptical and thus product was amazing!! Only felt spots I missed putting the cream on!

  17. Pierre B. Pate (verified owner)

    Sat for a six hour session and didn’t feel a thing, my arm was numb for approximately 12 hours. Fabulous product.

  18. John D. Snyder (verified owner)

    My artist recommended this stuff and I was able to get a pretty large calf piece done for about 5 hours and didn’t feel much, it was amazing.

  19. Daryl J. Watkins (verified owner)

    So crazy! I love it! Will never go without now.

  20. Kathleen F. Olson (verified owner)

    Works perfectly

  21. Jeffery M. Richards (verified owner)

    Best tattoo numbing cream

  22. Johnnie L. Medford (verified owner)

    No pain. No tears lol. But fr buy this stuff!!

  23. Jason E. Belcher (verified owner)

    This stuff is the best!!! I will never get a tattoo without it ever again!!! I have two full arm sleeves and the worst place to get tatted is the ditch and the elbow. With tattoo numbing cream I didn’t feel a thing! My son used it for his half sleeve and this order I am writing a review on was a gift to him for his leg sleeve. He loves this stuff too!

  24. Bonnie K. Thomas (verified owner)


  25. Pasquale S. Myles (verified owner)

    Damnnn BEST SHIT EVER i didnt have a picpic

  26. Racheal M. Carter (verified owner)

    Great product

  27. Scott C. Roberts (verified owner)

    This cream is awesome could not feel a thing, lasted for about three hours. Would highly recommend it. Never believed in this stuff before as I thought it was a con, how wrong I was.

  28. Jessie W. Pauling (verified owner)

    Got most of this done without using your product.Decided to try it for the flag.Worked amazing,2 plus hrs of pain free tattooing.Of course,as he worked over and wiped clean started feeling it,but was truly amazed it worked as well as it did.Whenever he moved to an area he hadnt touched it was still numb there.I now have the bottom of this tat to get done and know I have something that will help get through more per session.Great product will recommend to friends and anyone who asks.He is also going to pass on my experience to his other customers who inquire.

  29. Elsie A. Parson (verified owner)

    Made it pleasant and it works if u follow directions.

  30. Michael L. Manos (verified owner)

    I knew getting a foot tattoo was going to be painful, no doubt. I applied a bunch of cream on my foot and around my ankle, wrapped it up and waited 90 minutes. I think me walking around caused some cream to not saturate the top of my foot, but everything else was numb. It worked like a charm and took the edge off! I was able to relax without the pain. I DEFINITELY felt pain in spots that didn’t have the cream. I have already placed another order because I will never get another tattoo without it!!

  31. Amanda C. Jerome (verified owner)

    4hr sitting on back of leg, no pain at all, have made a 2nd purchase for rest of leg sleeve im having done

  32. Mary L. Dolan (verified owner)

    Absolutely love it I highly recommend it to everyone.It’s the best stuff in the market. My clients love it too.

  33. Raymond S. Ray (verified owner)

    I would actually give my left n*t before I get a tattoo without this. Full tube for 90 minutes pre tattoo. You will not be diss appointed.

  34. Kellie D. Falgoust (verified owner)

    I did not feel a thing! Best tattoo experience ever!

  35. Florence K. Cabrera (verified owner)

    Amazing cream that has got me through several sessions for a full sleeve tattoo. Little to no pain. Even when applying color. Would highly recommend!

  36. Arthur K. Byer (verified owner)

    Omg I can’t even begin to say how much I love this product already and I’ve only used it once. I’m a self taught artist in the making who’d only been tattoo for couple months. My finger tattoos have been a super sensitive spot for me to do and I’ve stopped each time I’ve tried doing them, but using this cream allowed me to start on my finger tattoos without feeling a thing. I will always buy this product. I highly recommend it for anyone who can’t tolerate pain, for someone getting their first tattoo or just anyone PERIOD!

  37. Armina Marcheterre (verified owner)

    Je le recommande à tout le monde !!

  38. Diane W. Willis (verified owner)

    Can’t imagine getting another tattoo without this cream. I was in the chair for 6+ hours and it was absolutely pain free. For a shin tattoo I was expecting pain no matter what but THIS CREAM LET ME TELL YOU IS NOT PLAYING AROUND. I almost fell asleep I was so comfortable

  39. Charles S. Altizer (verified owner)

    I was a bit skeptical as I’ve used other numbing creams and they tend to take the edge off but don’t totally numb. Figured I would give it a shot though. Took a long time to get here but LET ME TELL YOU! I was completely numb for the first 3 hours, I was able to just relax and let my artist do his thing.

  40. Millicent J. Earl (verified owner)

    I got 2 tattoos same day, the inside of my elbow bend and my actual elbow, and when the artist had gotten to the shading on both it was tender. Definitely recommend, because getting through the lines is always the battle. I think the only reason it didn’t work for long was because I couldn’t keep on for 90 minutes before session, and the artist kept whipping off the product (per usual). I got another tattoo next week on the side of my calf so I’ll actually try and get that cream On 90 minutes before.

  41. Leo T. Penland (verified owner)

    This was amazing. Never felt a thing. Will be buying more for my next piece.

  42. Marilyn A. Mulholland (verified owner)

    Hi the numbing cream that I received was exactly what I expected it worked well and lasted through my whole sitting at the tattooist I was very pleased with the results

  43. Earl M. Ochoa (verified owner)

    I bought this thinking it wasn’t going to work well. I applied it a hr before my appointment. When my tat artist started it blew my mind on how much it worked! I didn’t feel anything for over a hr in most spots and in others it stayed numb for hrs. So amazing I order 2 more after my appointment for my next coloring

  44. Irene D. Buck (verified owner)

    Green 55% The Best TKTX Numbing Cream Anesthetic 3-5 hours Fast Semi Permanent Skin Body Duration

  45. Mary J. Jantzen (verified owner)

    I got the tattoo on my back and didn’t feel a thing I use two tubes and left it on for a hour and the tattoo took about 3 hours to do will definitely be buying more!!!

  46. Amber D. Cox (verified owner)

    4 hours before I even started feeling the needle!!!

  47. Louie H. Appleton (verified owner)

    Brilliant product
    Pain free tattoo is the best feeling ever

  48. Sophie D. Small (verified owner)

    The cream really worked well and I couldn’t feel anything for the size of the tattoo I got. I would recommend anyone that wants to get a tattoo for the first one this the cream to buy

  49. Geneva J. Boss (verified owner)

    I was scared at first that it wasn’t gonna work but it worked great for hours and hours got that one done on my arm and got a lot done on my leg.

  50. Charles J. Davis (verified owner)


  51. Juana H. Meyer (verified owner)

    Used it as directed 45min before my appt! Only felt pressure and occasional pain in some of the areas that I had not applied enough ointment. It made it so much better. Will def be buying more!

  52. Charles M. Andersen (verified owner)

    Fantastic! No pain. I always make sure I have a few tubes.

  53. Keith V. Houck (verified owner)

    I used the cream like it was stated to me and I couldn’t have asked for a better product. I just ordered 6 more tubes and have 3 more session’s to do. I’m a very proud customer!!!!

  54. Betty R. Avery (verified owner)

    Went three and a half hours before I felt anything and even when I felt it we just sprayed a little more lidocaine on it I went for another two. Great great stuff.

  55. Ronald M. Fleener (verified owner)

    Great product sat through the whole back of my head

  56. David M. Griffith (verified owner)

    I wanted a tattoo, I didn’t really want the pain, thought this might work so I gave it a go and honestly I didn’t feel a thing, follow the instructions and you’ll have a pain-free tattoo.

  57. Tamara J. Carter (verified owner)

    I didn’t feel a thing! I felt him doing something but no pain at all! I was amazed!! It actually works! No scam. Legit results.

  58. Elmer M. Kim (verified owner)

    Couldn’t feel a thing!

  59. Robert C. Moore (verified owner)

    amazing product. Applied 90 min and then began tattoo. Pain free !!

  60. David H. Cole (verified owner)

    Great experience I didn’t feel anything

  61. Jane J. Montgomery (verified owner)

    I have been using this product for about two years. It completely numbs the skin and does not diminish in strength quickly. It’s a good product for dermapen, brows and plasma pen.

  62. Andy S. Briggs (verified owner)

    My tattoo appointment was at 12:30pm so I put the cream on at 11 (90 minutes before tattoo like directed)and wrapped it with plastic rap. by the time I got to the shop I was numb and I felt great! The spot where I numbed myself was red and a little itchy but they said it was fine. We started the tattoo and all I felt was the pressure from his grip ! No needle at all it was amazing I could have fell asleep… Unfortunately the numbing sensation wore off after about an hour in some spots and not in others . It’s currently 5:30pm and some spots are still pretty numb so I guess it’s all on how you apply it idk. But overall great experience and I will buy more !!!

  63. Norris M. Purnell (verified owner)

    works for a good two-3 hours

  64. Rodney G. Rutledge (verified owner)

    This stuff is crazy good man no joke,I did my elbow and the fillings of almost my entire arm and literally felt no pain whatsoever, I literally fell asleep while doing my elbow. I recommend this to everyone

  65. James J. Stillwell (verified owner)

    This stuff worked so damn good I’m on my next purchase of 3 tubes this time!!

  66. Liberio Lettiere (verified owner)

    Molto buona

  67. James L. Sumrall (verified owner)

    Got the cream for my shade session for my half sleeve. Really worked, didn’t start feeling anything until hour 3

  68. Robert L. Harris (verified owner)

    It was long long time

  69. Patti L. Johnston (verified owner)

    works great every time

  70. Tina M. Smart (verified owner)

    I’m an absolute sissy when it came to tattooing the same place on my other leg… so when I saw the ad for this I was skeptical but desperate for relief to continue getting tattoos. I bought 2 tubes and applied 1.5 tubes wrapped it in plastic wrap for 2 hours before session and not only did I only feel some vibrations/pressure(NO PAIN!!)for the 3hr session (that started 1hr late) but the numbness lasted over 8 hours when it finally wore off and I felt the tattoo. I’m totally buying more! Never again getting tattoos without!

  71. Cindy J. Balmer (verified owner)

    I have to rewrite my review. It took over 5 weeks for me to get my cream and I was upset over that but when it finally got here and I got to use it…this stuff ain’t no joke… I couldn’t feel any of the tats I got while using this. I like a little pain sometimes but it felt like I was at the dentist getting a crown AFTER the numbing shots. I highly recommend and I’m sure things are slower because of what all is going on in the WORLD. GREAT PRODUCT!

  72. Katherine M. Booker (verified owner)

    100% worth it. Didn’t feel a thing. Two more sittings to go.

  73. Connie T. Andrews (verified owner)

    Works wonders if applied correctly

  74. Sally J. Myers (verified owner)

    Pain free for 3 hrs .. amazing

  75. Danielle G. Allen (verified owner)

    I followed the instructions given cleansed, exfoliated, and applied the cream 2hrs before appointment. My artist was so impressed with how i sat for 3hrs straight without a flinch. I felt nothing and i will never ever do another tattoo without this cream. Why be in pain you don’t have to?

    Magic in a tube

  76. Raul E. Adkins (verified owner)

    Aint felt sh*t

  77. Michelle J. Merchant (verified owner)

    This was just a little trial and error with the cream….. I would definitely refer anyone to use the cream….. I barely felt a thing and the little bit I did feel was not unbearable at all!!! Thanks loved it!!!

  78. Louise C. Whitman (verified owner)

    Works super well!

  79. Doris W. Hoffman (verified owner)

    It was amazing

  80. Amy A. Barefoot (verified owner)


  81. Wilbert T. Harper (verified owner)

    3 and a half hour session. Didn’t feel a thing. Works great I already ordered a couple more.

  82. Rachel J. Adams (verified owner)

    No pain for 2 hrs had a smooth experience

  83. Beatrice C. Burchett (verified owner)

    I enjoyed four hours of no pain at all. Then another two of a very mild buzz. Then the last hour some spots were kinda numb and some had wore off. Basically the areas wiped the most wore off after six hours.

  84. Bruto Trevisan (verified owner)

    Funziona perfettamente!

  85. Wilma J. Harrelson (verified owner)

    I added doves and clouds and a script under my tatas portrait and this is a very sensitive area for me and I didn’t feel not one thing I even purchased more for my foot tattoo

  86. Yvonne M. Austin (verified owner)

    My next session was cancelled due to COVID-19. However, TKTX green worked awesome in my last 3.5 hour session.

  87. Judy B. Noel (verified owner)

    Thank you

  88. Jenny M. Miller (verified owner)

    I really didn’t feel a thing !!!!it was mind blowing!!! I FaceTimed people while I was getting tatted..I went live on Instagram..like really having whole conversations with people.if I didn’t have it I would be as stiff as a board in pain trying not to let it show lol..I’m an definitely using the tattoo numbing cream for the rest of my tattoos!!!20/10

  89. William K. Sumrall (verified owner)

    I use this cream for all this wonderful work‼️

  90. Samuel F. Randolph (verified owner)

    I’ve used other numbing creams and they did not work, this numbing cream was the best I would definitely use this again and recommend to others

  91. Debora B. Hendricks (verified owner)

    I had a lot of scar tissue on my arm (which makes tattooing even more painful) didn’t feel a thing! 100 love it!

  92. Michael P. Smith (verified owner)

    LOVE. Couldn’t feel this at all!

  93. Jerry C. Hudson (verified owner)

    Best numbing product!

  94. George E. Saravia (verified owner)

    Works awesome will use again

  95. Doreen L. Brott (verified owner)

    This Was My First Tattoo So I Was Scared But Can I Say I Plan On Getting Another Tattoo So I will Be Buying Another One This Stuff Is Magical

  96. Albert M. Lee (verified owner)

    really didn’t think this would work until I asked my tattoo artist if he’s even started and he said “yesss!”
    Literally didn’t feel a thing for three hours

  97. Shirley J. Reyna (verified owner)

    I used it and it does works

  98. Cettina DeRose (verified owner)

    Prodotto molto buono. Il risultato è fantastico

  99. Charles M. Quintana (verified owner)

    100% recommend this product. Follow the directions correctly and it will work!

  100. Dawn H. Robertson (verified owner)

    One word can describe this cream…Amazing! I followed the instructions exactly as stated. I used the cream for my cover up session which took about three hours. I didn’t feel anything but pressure. I started to feel a slight tingle toward the three hour mark when my artist was filling in my rose but that’s expected. I will definitely be purchasing more in the. #Amazingproduct.

  101. Ashley W. Akins (verified owner)

    Best stuff ever

  102. Nina R. Hendrickson (verified owner)

    Very good

  103. Paninnguaq Filemonsen (verified owner)

    mejor producto!

  104. Joshua J. Hicks (verified owner)

    I used this for my tattoo I just got yesterday and it was amazing. I didn’t feel anything. I followed the instructions starting with doing a skin test for sensitivity the night before and all went well. The day of my tattoo session, I applied the cream to my forearm about 2 hours before my tattoo appnt time and wrapped my arm in saran wrap. I removed the saran wrap about 15 mins before my scheduled tattoo session and wiped any residual cream with a dry paper towel. I could tell then my whole forearm was completely numb. My tattoo artist had a few changes to do with my tattoo before starting so we actually started tattooing an hour and 15 minutes past my original start time. I was concerned that the cream would wear off before we were done but it didn’t. I felt nothing during the entire 3 and a half hour tattoo session. By the end of the tattoo it had been 5 and half hours since I had unwrapped my arm and my forearm was still numb. I was a bit skeptical of this stuff since I saw the ad on FB and you never know what is real or fake but this stuff is on point!! I will definitely use this again!!

  105. Jean G. Dasilva (verified owner)

    Really good cream that does just what says and I’ll be using it every time I get a tattooed.

  106. Charles M. Mathis (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this cream, as a tattooer I use it almost daily and all of my clients are in awe of it!

  107. Stacey E. Williams (verified owner)

    I felt the slightest burn getting the back of my knee done. I’ve been through line work and shading and was dreading color. With tattoo numbing cream I felt only the slightest burn, and most places I couldn’t tell my artist was even doing anything. From applying it to being finished with the session, it was 4 1/2 hours and it wasn’t even starting to wear off.

  108. Zachary N. Mitchell (verified owner)

    Would highly recommend. Does exactly what it says it does.

  109. Joan D. Price (verified owner)

    I love this cream I was finally able to cover up my stomach scar with out any pain . My cream lasted me up to 4 1/2 hours can’t wait to finish a lot of other painful parts on my body . Definitely worth the price and wait to get the product

  110. Robert C. Casarez (verified owner)

    4 hours and didn’t feel a thing. I used two tunes, and wrapped about 90 minutes before my appointment.

    This works great. I’m ordering another tube for my next session.

  111. Sandra D. Villalpando (verified owner)

    Got both large tattoos (coverups) done and I didn’t feel anything!

  112. James M. Sanders (verified owner)

    Best product of all time. I swear by it. When I’m sitting in the chair I feel no pain at all. When I place my order I make sure to stock up. You have a customer for life!!!

  113. John R. Testa (verified owner)

    Got almost a half sleeve on two days thanks to this miracle cream. It works! I slathered it on thick, wrapped it in cellophane for 90min, and had 3hrs of numbed skin. I planned ahead and applied it in sections as the artist worked on me. The under arm didn’t hurt! I fell asleep. I will say that when it does wear off, your skin is extremely sensitive and any line work will hurt way more than it normally does. If you plan ahead though, shouldn’t be an issue.

  114. Vernon L. Smith (verified owner)

    Overall this cream worked AMAZINGLY!! Only time I felt ANYTHING is when my artist was going back over parts he just did. Also when he stayed in a small area for a while it got rough. Overall though… I LITERALLY felt nothing but the pressure. Was VERY pleasantly surprised!! Will buy MUCH MUCH more of this product!!

  115. Leon M. Santos (verified owner)

    This stuff is the bomb you have a forever client with me I just ordered 4 more tubes!!! don’t even hesitate to buy just buy it.

  116. Monica D. Cormack (verified owner)


  117. Gerald B. Childers (verified owner)

    Did it just how the directions told me, the first half i couldn’t feel a thing but towards Brooklyn’s name it started wearing off i probably took too long to start, but it loved it will be ordering more !!

  118. William S. Taylor (verified owner)

    When I tell you I’ve tried 10 different numbing creams I’m not exaggerating. This stuff is leaps and bounds better. I just got an entire back piece and I would say the pain was a 2 out of 10. Normally a back piece is unbearable. I wish I found this company sooner. Please trust me I’m covered in tattoos and know all about the pain. This company is a miracle

  119. Cathy D. Mabery (verified owner)

    Excellent quality unbelievable how it works

  120. Patricia W. Jackson (verified owner)

    This product is exactly what it says it is

  121. Tom H. Sullivan (verified owner)

    It stayed number for the 3 hours it promised but after that i felt a little burn overall a good numbing agent for arms

  122. Scott M. Vandusen (verified owner)

    Man I was supper skeptical about this product. Straight up buying more after this review. Solid product!!! Well done

  123. Jesse S. Irvine (verified owner)

    Got this done yesterday and used the cream and omg didn’t feel a thing at all highly recommend cause I know I’ll definitely be getting more for my next session look out tattooist I’ll be getting my whole body done now with this beauty of a cream

  124. Rebecca N. Butler (verified owner)

    Best numb for tattoos and pmu

  125. Bernard J. Campbell (verified owner)

    Stuff really does work sat for 3 hours working on half sleeve before it wore off!!

  126. Tara C. Trinidad (verified owner)

    I didn’t feel a thing. I actually fell asleep during my session. My artist liked the fact that he was able to work with no stopping.

  127. Chester V. Baldwin (verified owner)

    It was great my client didn’t feel a thing!

  128. Billy L. Leighton (verified owner)

    This numbing cream is THE BEST!

  129. Richard L. Gardner (verified owner)

    Couldn’t feel a thing!
    I have the outline done a few months back and it was on of the most painful tattoos I have had done, my artist recommended using numbing cream for my next session, so we did and it was the best experience didn’t feel anything at all for the full 3 hour session.
    Highly recommend for the big sensitive areas!

  130. Gary K. Towle (verified owner)

    As a tattoo artist myself, I can say this stuff works like no other. I went and got my throat tattooed and the only thing I felt was vibrations! 100% recommend!!!

  131. Nathan A. Nuzzo (verified owner)

    It works wonders and its also amazing for piercings its definitely a must have

  132. Hector T. McMahan (verified owner)

    I wont use any other sknin numbing cream. This stuff is awesome!!

  133. Linda F. Kastner (verified owner)

    Always order for my customers or get them to order this cream. Over any other. Never had a bad experience with it

  134. Roberto M. Hood (verified owner)

    This stuff is awesome! I was skeptical but figured why not.. the tattoo artist started doing the outline and I didn’t even know he had started. 4 hrs after still a little numb..

  135. Ruth W. Tyson (verified owner)

    Green 55% The Best TKTX Numbing Cream Anesthetic 3-5 hours Fast Semi Permanent Skin Body Duration

  136. Luanne D. Cox (verified owner)

    On a serious note … I didn’t give it a chance .. but then I said what do I have to lose ? So I made my purchase and it was like night and day … mind you not my fist tattoo. I couldn’t feel nothing / zero for two hours then when I did start to feel it warring off I only felt little pressure but no pain …. definitely going to get more on deck for the wifey’s future session .

  137. Kirk J. Brawner (verified owner)

    All the best! Cream is perfect

  138. Delois M. Aranda (verified owner)

    Finished another four hour tattoo, finishing my half sleeve. No pain. Put it on two hours prior to the appointment so it lasted about 5 1/2 hours. Towards the end, started to feel a little bit of it wearing off. Absolutely the best numbing cream.

  139. Christopher M. Goodwin (verified owner)

    Im always using this Tattoo Numbing cream because i have Lupus and my skin is really very sensitive to pain. From start to finish you cant feel anything. Makes the tattoo fast and no stress for you and the tattoo artist as well. I works for 5 hours for me with this koi fish tattoo that is very meaningful for me.

  140. Michael T. Croskey (verified owner)

    Great product fast delivery

  141. Taylor Watson (verified owner)

    It’s amazing

  142. Collin M. Townsend (verified owner)

    The reviews don’t lie!!! BUT IT!!! I didn’t feel anything whatsoever!! It’s the holy grail!

  143. Jennifer E. Guidry (verified owner)

    Getting a full sleeve done and the outline on my underarm was brutal. My tattoo artist showed me a tube of your stuff (he highly recommend it) and immediately ordered myself a big box of it. Got it right away…This stuff exceeded my expectations and I didn’t feel a thing!!!! Thank you so much for your product I couldn’t have finished it without it!!! Will be recommending it to everyone…..

  144. Mary C. Anderson (verified owner)

    Huge leg piece didn’t feel anything!

  145. Roberto S. Caballero (verified owner)

    I used almost a full bottle for my shading session. I wanted to use it the first time around but it took about 2.5 weeks to deliver to the United States. I can honestly say I did not feel any pain, only the vibrations. I’m usually a baby when it comes to pain and this made it extremely tolerable! I followed the instructions and my session was about two hours long and still no wearing off of the numbing sensation. Highly recommend to anyone!!

  146. Gregory K. Ayala (verified owner)

    I put the numbing cream on & wrap it with serán wrap an hour before I tattoo. I am completely numb & I can get tattooed for up to about 5 hrs before it starts to wear off. It’s been a miracle cream for my half a body piece I’ve been working on.

  147. Judy L. Parker (verified owner)

    Numbs really well!!!!

  148. Milo R. Kao (verified owner)

    I was scared at first to get this tattoo done bt I ordered this numbing cream and got my first leg tattoo using this cream I highly recommend it!!

  149. Vicky J. Carpenter (verified owner)

    best numbing ever

  150. Jerry M. Kelley (verified owner)

    It was absolutely amazing I didn’t feel a thing I’m ordering 3 more for my back Tattoo it’s a total of 4 sessions.

  151. David A. Thrower (verified owner)

    I LOVE this numbing cream. I’ve used it on almost all of my back and will continue to use it.

  152. Robert J. Moreno (verified owner)

    I have over 100 hours worth of tattoo’s thus far. Some of which in sensitive areas so I’ve experienced a good amount of pain that comes with collecting. My friend showed my this product and was considering trying it out for himself. Since I was already scheduled for 3 sessions within a 4 day period, I decided to purchase one tube and give it a try. On my final day of sessions we applied a thin area over my entire side. It was then wrapped and sat for 2.5-3hrs until my artist finished photoshopping and stenciling the image. I felt absolutely nothing for 3hrs.

    No need to follow instructions verbatim. Instructions say to apply a 2mm thick (which is very thick) amount and keep wrapped for 90min which should then account for 3hrs of numbness. We applied 3/4 of the tube to my entire side (quite thin compared to 2mm). Then left wrapped for close to 3hrs which accounted for 3hrs of feeling nothing. What I’m trying to get at is.. the product works better than advertised 🙂

  153. Reginald G. McCoy (verified owner)

    When I did the lining of that Dragon on my leg, I thought I would never be able to endure the filling up of the back knee… I used your magic cream and guess what !! I did a 5 1/2 hours session with absolutly no pain !!! I was so happy I ordered another batch during the tattoo session lol. Thanks so much !

  154. Lewis S. Poli (verified owner)

    The cream is awesome but the delivery sucks .. delivery took about 3 weeks to get delivered but was delivered to the wrong address and ordered a replacement and it took over two months to get to the right address.

  155. Robert K. Taylor (verified owner)

    This is my third time using it. I didn’t feel a thing in this entire tattoo

  156. Eva J. Chen (verified owner)

    The work is not done yet because I had to wait for next order of this stuff. I had a huge coverup done and didn’t feel a thing. Just got my order in (ordered 20 more tubes) and set up my next appointment. This stuff is amazing!!! Didn’t feel a thing for 3 plus hours. I will never get a tattoo again without this stuff. Shipping does take a little long if you live in the states… but so worth the wait.

  157. Alberta A. Steen (verified owner)

    It no pain through the whole tattoo. I loved it

  158. Gina R. Fite (verified owner)

    Had a pretty decent sized tattoo done – 4 hour sesh. Excellent cover from cream – lasted the whole time – waaay better than I’d hoped! Never getting another tattoo without this! Why wouldya?!!!

  159. Dennis K. Faulkner (verified owner)

    Excellent product works great…! Very very awesome..! But long long time waiting for it to come in da mail…!! Mahalo …& Aloha…!

  160. Misty A. Behler (verified owner)

    The cream really works. I was finally able to finish my stomach tattoos with little to pain at all. I ended up buying more tubes.

  161. Mariah S. Oliver (verified owner)

    Sat through a 5 hour tattoo with absolutely no pain!

  162. Andrea E. Matthews (verified owner)

    I gonna order again soon. Best product ever

  163. Wayne M. Falls (verified owner)

    It works perfect

  164. Monte D. Pierce (verified owner)

    Wife is getting a full back tattoo and using this product each session goes with ease.

  165. Hilario V. Daniel (verified owner)

    It doesn’t work 100% on tight skin areas didn’t numb much on my calf

  166. Steven E. Tuggle (verified owner)

    Amazing didn’t feel a thing

  167. Tara E. Shattuck (verified owner)

    Works really well! Mostly felt only the vibrations of the machine and small princes rarely.
    She even tattooed where I didn’t apply it and it was crazy to be able to compare with and without!!
    Definitely going to get it again!!

  168. Robbie L. Fowler (verified owner)

    Half a day of tattooing and I haven’t felt a thing even in the most tender area on my inner arm, definitely ordering more to get the sleeve finished

  169. Michelle S. Hudson (verified owner)

    I got a sternum tattoo with a lot of shading and lines. I wore this to my second session and I did not feel pain at all! At the end when the artist kept wiping the same area he was shading black, I started to feel a minor burn, but it was extremely minor and not painful and towards the time he was done with that area. I was able to sit through my sternum tattoo session laughing while watching funny videos on YouTube. Highly recommend!

  170. Andre K. Williams (verified owner)

    I have two thigh tattoos I’m working on getting done but the pain is so much for me. So I decided when I bought this I’ll try it on my arm and see how it goes for later on. I felt NOTHING! This was the best thing I could ever buy. I recommend this cream for literally any tattoo. It’s amazing. I definitely will be buying more.

  171. Shay B. Tedder (verified owner)

    It was amazing. I used it befor I got a tattoo on my side and didn’t feel anything during the whole tattoo

  172. Ryan A. Bauer (verified owner)

    Didn’t feel anything

  173. Crystal D. Barnett (verified owner)

    I tried many other creams and that one is just unbelievable… I tried on three tattoos and my overall feedback is… use it for 2 hours tattoos max!! 100% Painless so you can even sleep or watch Netflix. The problem is that after 2 hours the pain will start to come and it will be very brutal!! I believe is a mental state issue not necessarily the cream that hurts you afterward. Feeling the pain after 2 hours is not a pleasant experience. So 1-2 hours tattoos… absolutely perfect! More I don’t recommend!

  174. Betty S. Miller (verified owner)

    Awesome product gave it away as a gift and now my friend has a tattoo worked better then I thought it would

  175. Charles H. Gonzalez (verified owner)

    Applied 90 min before my appt and I wrapped my arm. I didn’t feel anything the first hour. Felt vibration at 1.5 mark. Full feeling came back after that. I think if I would have applied it thicker, I would have been good. I highly recommend and I will be buying more to finish the inside of my sleeve.

  176. Charles E. Koch (verified owner)

    This tattoo took a few hrs. So had to break it up into sessions. But when I tell you this works!! I’ve tried SEVERAL different brands and they are all trash. Your product does what needs to be done!! And I thank you!

  177. Rodrigo S. Tynes (verified owner)

    Great product, need to order more!

  178. Norma L. Brock (verified owner)

    You often hear ”a tattoo is suppose to hurt ” but why be in agony if you don’t have to? I was skeptical that it would work but was amazed by the result. Felt nothing but be sure to cover the whole area. I missed the outside of the hand and it was horrible after the first pain free hours. Effect lasted for about four hours. Will use this again!

  179. Joseph M. Reyes (verified owner)


  180. Camilla R. Rodriguez (verified owner)

    I applied it to my arm & wrapped it in plastic about 45 mins prior to my tattoo. It was ok at first but I could still feel a lot of the pain. About halfway through the session (it was the third session on a half sleeve), I had my artist apply it again and holy crap! I couldn’t feel a thing! Completely numb for like 5 hours. Hurt like hell once it wore off but it was great while it lasted. Next time I will scrub my arm and open my pores and apply it for a little longer before we start. Wish I would have known about this stuff a long time ago.

  181. Kathleen E. Hernandez (verified owner)

    When product is bright pink it works perfect. Some tubes have darker color cream (brownish) and they seem to not numb as much.

  182. Demetrius L. Sander (verified owner)

    I have been tattooed on most parts of my body. After awhile you just get over it so I decided to give the cream a go. I had a two day session booked to finish off the lower part of my arm sleeve. Followed the instructions and away we went. I didn’t feel a thing for 4 hours. I reapplied during our lunch break and felt nothing until the end. I did the same thing the next day making sure to apply on the edges of the tattoo from the day before. Still didn’t feel a thing. Made it so much easier to sit and a lot easier for the artist. Highly recommended.

  183. Amanda N. Baggett (verified owner)

    Booked in for a 5 hour tattoo with some black out work and I couldn’t have been more comfortable. Easy to apply and didn’t compromise the tattoo one bit. Highly recommended.

  184. Rosie S. Tiger (verified owner)

    The product works very well. Good numbing and duration. The only weird part is its pink in color and made my skin turn pink. It did not effect anything, was just strange

  185. Maria R. Atlas (verified owner)

    First sesh for my sternum I literally cried.. second sesh I used this & didn’t feel a thing. Would definitely recommend.

  186. Henry M. Parks (verified owner)

    Best numbing cream I’ve used lasted 4-6hrs

  187. Susan J. Manning (verified owner)

    Full metal alchemist half done 5hrs no pain

  188. Beatrice T. Mason (verified owner)

    Used this cream after researching it absolutely loved it!!!!