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TKTX Anesthetic Ointment, originating from the renowned TKTX Company founded in 1996 in China, has solidified its presence in the market. Initially tailored for cosmetic procedures, it has evolved into a global choice for pain reduction in medical interventions.

Crafted with precision, the TKTX ointment formula incorporates key ingredients—lidocaine, tetracaine, epinephrine, and prilocaine—ensuring effective pain relief during a spectrum of procedures. Widely embraced in tattooing, micropigmentation, and laser hair removal, its versatility extends to medical applications like injections, venipunctures, and biopsies.

As the official manufacturer, TKTX Company remains committed to delivering top-tier health and beauty products. With years of dedication, TKTX has earned its status as one of the most sought-after anesthetic ointments globally. Trusted by healthcare professionals, it stands out for its efficacy and continual innovation through research and development, expanding its product line to meet diverse customer needs.

The diverse range of more than 20 products manufactured by TKTX was developed to cover different concentrations and formulations, meeting the specific demands of healthcare professionals, tattoo studios, aesthetic clinics and other related sectors. These products have been meticulously designed to provide effective pain relief for a wide variety of procedures, both medical and cosmetic.

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We give you the power to overcome the fear of pain.


TKTX Company, History Timeline.
Founded in 1996
TKTX is founded, marking the beginning of its journey in the skincare and numbing products industry.
Market Introduction in 1999
The brand launches its products to the market, gaining attention for its innovative approach to numbing solutions.
Expansion of Product Line in 2002
TKTX expands its product line to cater to a broader audience, introducing variations and specialized formulations.
Global Reach in 2005
TKTX establishes a global presence, making its products accessible to customers around the world.
Technology Advancements in 2008
The brand incorporates cutting-edge technologies in its formulations, enhancing the speed and duration of numbing effects.
Collaborations and Partnerships in 2010
TKTX collaborates with tattoo artists, skincare experts, and influencers, further solidifying its position in the industry.
Awards and Recognitions in 2012
TKTX receives accolades and industry recognitions for its contributions to skincare and pain management.
Sustainability Initiatives in 2016
TKTX takes steps towards sustainability, implementing eco-friendly packaging and responsible sourcing practices.
Cultivating a Brand Identity in 2018
TKTX establishes a distinct brand identity, synonymous with quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.
Social Media Presence in 2020
The brand establishes a strong presence on social media platforms, engaging with its audience and sharing user testimonials. @tktxcompany
Sales Records in 2022
TKTX has sold more than a million products worldwide in 2021 and is currently considered the most widely used numbing cream in the world.

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