TKTX Numb Green

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The TKTX Numb Green 70% Numbing Cream is the perfect solution for those seeking effective and long-lasting pain relief during aesthetic procedures and tattoos. Designed to meet the needs of professionals and enthusiasts alike, this numbing cream provides exceptional comfort, allowing you to enjoy every moment of your treatment without worry.

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TKTX Green Numb

TKTX Numb Green 70%

TKTX Numb Green Numbing Cream is a cutting-edge solution designed to alleviate discomfort during aesthetic and dermatological procedures. Engineered with a high concentration of numbing agents, this cream ensures effective pain relief for tattoos, laser hair removal, and various cosmetic treatments.

Its advanced formula guarantees swift and prolonged anesthetic effects, enhancing comfort throughout procedures. The rapid absorption technology facilitates easy application, swiftly reducing pain and discomfort associated with such treatments.

Formulated with meticulously selected ingredients to minimize allergic reactions, TKTX Numb Green boasts a smooth, non-greasy texture for seamless application and uniform coverage.

Ideal for professionals and clients alike, TKTX Numb Green sets a new standard in anesthetic care, offering a safe and reliable option for superior pain relief during cosmetic procedures.

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  • Superior Anesthetic Potency: TKTX Numb Green combines high-quality anesthetic agents for rapid and effective pain relief. It's suitable for tattoos, permanent makeup, and cosmetic treatments.
  • Innovative Formula: Penetrates deeply for swift and long-lasting relief, marking an industry breakthrough.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for tattoos, laser hair removal, and dermatological procedures.
  • Long-Lasting Effect: Fast absorption with prolonged relief, reducing the need for frequent reapplication.
  • Easy Application: Smooth, creamy texture for effortless and uniform coverage.


  • Immediate Pain Relief: Quickly alleviates discomfort, enhancing comfort during procedures.
  • Professional Reliability: Trusted by industry professionals for its consistent effectiveness.
  • Convenient and Safe: Uses high-quality ingredients for safety and ease of use.

How to Use TKTX Numb Green:

  1. Cleanse the Skin: Clean the area with alcohol to remove any impurities.
  2. Prepare the Area: Scrape the area gently where the procedure will be performed.
  3. Apply the Cream: Apply a thick layer of TKTX Numb Green and rub it in slowly.
  4. Wrap the Area: Cover the area with plastic film to enhance absorption.
  5. Wait: Leave the plastic film on for the recommended time to ensure maximum numbing effect.
  6. Remove the Film: Remove the plastic film and clean off any excess cream before starting the procedure.

About TKTX Company:

TKTX Company, the official manufacturer of TKTX creams in China, is the only certified and official store worldwide. The company is dedicated to innovation and quality, operating a state-of-the-art factory adhering to strict production standards. Buying directly from the TKTX official store guarantees you receive a genuine product with all the benefits of authenticity.

For those looking to buy TKTX, the TKTX official store is the safest and most reliable place. The company offers a wide range of products, ensuring everyone can find the perfect solution for their pain relief needs. With TKTX Company, you can always expect the best in terms of effectiveness and safety.


Discover the exceptional pain relief and comfort provided by TKTX Numb Green Numbing Cream. As a leading choice in the market, it sets a benchmark for its effectiveness and reliability. This potent formula ensures rapid and efficient pain relief during various aesthetic and dermatological procedures, including tattoos, laser hair removal, and cosmetic treatments. Its smooth application and long-lasting effect make it highly favored by professionals and individuals alike.

Purchase now to experience the renowned benefits of TKTX Numb Green Numbing Cream. With its high anesthetic potency, you can proceed confidently and comfortably through any procedure. Explore our full range of TKTX products, including different strengths to cater to your specific pain relief needs. Our commitment to quality and effectiveness guarantees optimal care and superior results every time.

Discover why TKTX is trusted globally for top-tier numbing solutions.

10 g
10 × 3 × 2 cm

TKTX Numb Green


Lidocaine 16%, Epinephrine 2%

Anesthetic Power



10 x 03 x 03 cm



Color Cream

White, Pink

Average Anesthetic Effect Time

3 to 5 hours (with correct application), depending on the type of skin

Base Ingredient

Benzilic alcohol, carbon, lecithin, propylene glycol, tocopherol acetate, water


TKTX Company


MSDS and Cruelty Free

Occupation Area

Each product efficiently serves an area of approximately 20 x 20 centimeters.


Hong Kong

Package Content

1 Tube with holographic seal

Tube Material



2 (two) years

Validity After Opening

Keep tightly closed, use within 30 days



92 reviews for TKTX Numb Green

  1. Avatar of Julie L. Burns

    Julie L. Burns (verified owner)

    Yooooo, this is the truth. I was sooo amazed how long my chest stayed numb. Honestly if I didn’t have this cream I couldn’t have went thru this chest piece. Hands down, I will be using this till the end of time.

  2. Avatar of Jeanne M. Crabtree

    Jeanne M. Crabtree (verified owner)

    Works wonders! I have alot of tattoos and to say my rib tattoo hurt the least is quite funny lol, great experience, I’m hoping the after care is just as good, was skeptical about it but went by great! My next session is the 21st I’ll be using my second tube !

  3. Avatar of Michael C. Peachey

    Michael C. Peachey (verified owner)

    Works great, especially on my ribs.

  4. Avatar of Steven L. Garcia

    Steven L. Garcia (verified owner)

    Works great when you follow the instructions given

  5. Avatar of Myron M. Bristow

    Myron M. Bristow (verified owner)

    Works great I’ll use again for sure amazing product

  6. Avatar of Frank N. Ortiz

    Frank N. Ortiz (verified owner)

    Worked perfectly! Totally numb for first hour and half, dull sensation for second hour. The artist stated he could not tell any negative effects from the cream and my skin took the color perfectly. I highly recommend!

  7. Avatar of Colleen J. Christy

    Colleen J. Christy (verified owner)

    Worked good should have put it thicker in some spots but overall 9/10

  8. Avatar of Milton V. Hoag

    Milton V. Hoag (verified owner)

    Wonderful experience! Will be using from now on! Also I put Saran Wrap over the cram so it could “soak” in better

  9. Avatar of Rachelle C. Murphy

    Rachelle C. Murphy (verified owner)

    What can I say!!!….I’ve used this cream so many times now and I have sessions Upto 6 hours and the pain isn’t there and now I don’t think I’d be without it,purely because my pain threshold isn’t good without it.
    But now I can’t stop tattooing which is brilliant as got lots more to do,so thanks numbing cream 100%

  10. Avatar of Norris D. Martin

    Norris D. Martin (verified owner)

    I have A LOT of tattoos and I wish I would have known about this sooner.. would have saved me hours of pain from tattoos lol i absolutely love this stuff.. it works amazingly and wont get another tattoo without it 😀

  11. Avatar of Angela D. Raymond

    Angela D. Raymond (verified owner)

    i didn’t realize how much of my arm was going to be tatted, so i didn’t use it on the whole area, but it made for a good comparison for my first tatto, the areas i covered with the cream properly i felt between nothing and like a pain of 3 the areas i did not cover it was around a 7-8 so 10/10 recommend this product

  12. Avatar of Dorothy S. Bruns

    Dorothy S. Bruns (verified owner)

    I didn’t have faith in this product but I’ll gladly recommend this to anybody. I did the outline without the cream and it was painful. I applied the cream for the shading and I was able to relax. I’ll use this again fasho

  13. Avatar of Sherrill S. Shipe

    Sherrill S. Shipe (verified owner)

    I didn’t feel a thing!! All I felt was the vibration of the tattoo gun. It even tickled when she got to the middle of my rib cage lol I definitely recommend!!!

  14. Avatar of Frank J. Ristau

    Frank J. Ristau (verified owner)

    I didn’t feel a thing and had to look at my hair to see if she started! She started at 1:30p and I didn’t get feeling back in the tattooed area until 6:30-7pm! I’m ordering another tube!

  15. Avatar of Janet J. Morris

    Janet J. Morris (verified owner)

    I did 2 sessions on my neck and it helped tons! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  16. Avatar of Thomas C. Landry

    Thomas C. Landry (verified owner)

    I couldn’t have this tattoo without TKTX Numbing Cream. I love it!!!

  17. Avatar of Kurt G. Triplett

    Kurt G. Triplett (verified owner)

    Totally didn’t think This stuff was real as people were saying! First time using it after multiple hours in the chair n locations on body without it.
    Grabbed a tube an put it on hour before and didn’t feel anything. Easily was numb for a few hours!

    recommend an returning customer.

  18. Avatar of Krystal E. Stokes

    Krystal E. Stokes (verified owner)

    This was my first tattoo and I was getting my forearm tattoo I was nervous but after seeing the reviews I decided to try it and it numbed my whole forearm for about 3 hours didn’t feel a thing. Definitely gonna buy another one !

  19. Avatar of Maureen K. Frazee

    Maureen K. Frazee (verified owner)

    This was my 9th tattoo and first with the numbing cream. This numbing cream is an absolute game changer. I didn’t feel ANYTHING for the first 3 hours. I gained sensation back on the forth hour and could have applied more cream but didn’t as it was
    Almost over. Will use again and again.

  20. Avatar of Virgil F. Welch

    Virgil F. Welch (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing!! I’ve used it for. 3 tattoos so far and have some to the shop owners wife to try who has anxiety and taps out usually ! She sat the whole session !

  21. Avatar of Jeffery C. Vu

    Jeffery C. Vu (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing! I’ve had 3 sessions using the product and I have zero pain. If you are getting a tattoo in a super sensitive area, this stuff is a must. I have 3-5 more sessions and I’ve made sure I have enough product for each one on hand already.

  22. Avatar of David E. Wilson

    David E. Wilson (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing, felt nothing for about 3 hours. Would 10000% buy and use again.

  23. Avatar of Billy S. Wimer

    Billy S. Wimer (verified owner)

    This product is AMAZING!!!!
    I felt NOTHING the entire time. I already have several tattoos, and never felt the pain was unbearable but I wanted to try this product just to see if it worked. AND IT DOES!!! I will definitely be using this more often just for the ease of sitting through getting more tattoos. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!

  24. Avatar of Henry S. Cain

    Henry S. Cain (verified owner)

    This is really a great product it helped a lot especially on hand that is pretty painful to tattoo.

  25. Avatar of Josephine R. Murphy

    Josephine R. Murphy (verified owner)

    This cream, hands down is the best. If I could’ve re-applied towards the end, I would’ve. It lasted just over 3 hours, and tattoo took 4 hours.

  26. Avatar of Paul R. Smith

    Paul R. Smith (verified owner)

    They say under the arm hurts really bad! Well With the stuff i didn’t feel ANYTHING I was in total shock didn’t believe it would work!!! I AM SO HAPPY I BOUGHT THIS PRODUCT!!!!

  27. Avatar of Lara E. Pendleton

    Lara E. Pendleton (verified owner)

    The tattoo was absolutely painless with this numbing cream I swear it is theeee best

  28. Avatar of Marva G. Richarson

    Marva G. Richarson (verified owner)

    The flower was the first one I got using the cream. A week later I went and got the butterfly and another on the inside of my wrist. I love how tattoo look ,but didn’t like the pain. With this cream I felt nothing and I want more tattoos.

  29. Avatar of Gary P. Bowers

    Gary P. Bowers (verified owner)

    The first few sittings were miserable… I ordered the TKTX Numbing Cream prior to my last sitting and it was such a game changer. It really makes a difference. I highly recommend it!

  30. Avatar of Tracy T. Walker

    Tracy T. Walker (verified owner)

    Tattooed my Clients stomach for 4 hours and he was completely numb allowing me to produce a clean tattoo in a sensitive spot and finish quicker

  31. Avatar of Rachel J. Clemens

    Rachel J. Clemens (verified owner)

    Tattoo isn’t completely done! My tattoo requires 3 separate sessions because of the size and the first session I went without any cream. It was horrible it felt like I was getting open back spinal surgery!!! I thought to myself I’m never going back but then I found tattoonumbingcream and I didn’t feel anything for my second session. I was able to stay still and get a lot more done than the first pain free!! My artist even said it felt like she wasn’t tattooing a real skin lol. Definitely will be ordering again for my last and final session ! 10/10 recommend for any tattoos is major sensitive areas!!

  32. Avatar of Javier G. Marble

    Javier G. Marble (verified owner)

    Tattoo did not hurt.

  33. Avatar of Mary W. Burgess

    Mary W. Burgess (verified owner)

    Takes the edge off and makes my artist happy

  34. Avatar of William M. Fecteau

    William M. Fecteau (verified owner)

    Started my sleeve today, was super nervous so I bought this cream and it numbed my arm for the full 4 1/2 hour session! My forearm is still numb (didn’t know where we would start so I numbed my whole arm) my forearm didn’t get tattooed but my biceps stayed numb throughout the session, will be buying more for my next session!

  35. Avatar of Charles B. Graff

    Charles B. Graff (verified owner)

    Second session with this miracle cream. When my artist started on my shin I thought I was losing it because I could not fee a thing!!! It’s absolutely amazing and a definite necessity any time a large piece is to be done!

  36. Avatar of Flossie R. Kendrick

    Flossie R. Kendrick (verified owner)

    Sat for 4 hours during this rework of my arm and didn’t feel a thing! I highly recommend this product for anyone getting big pieces of work!

  37. Avatar of Margaret W. Zavala

    Margaret W. Zavala (verified owner)

    I am a regular customer now since we are trying to complete my sleeve before summer. As always, I am completely satisfied with the product. We get more tattoo hours for the session! Can’t wait until It’s done.

  38. Avatar of Gail F. Wise

    Gail F. Wise (verified owner)

    Product works awesome

  39. Avatar of Beth T. Johnson

    Beth T. Johnson (verified owner)

    I absolutely did not feel a thing!! The best product ever you will not be disappointed!! I’m ordering two more right now!!!

  40. Avatar of Kathleen C. Ramirez

    Kathleen C. Ramirez (verified owner)

    Okay i am a skeptical person, i have such low pain tolorance and i was really scared when we decided for that large piece but when i had the cream om and then plastic on for 90minutes i didnt feel a flying thing after taking it off, its so sick i didnt understand! And i had a good time for a while and then it started to hurt some places but all in all, i will use this again for what ever tattoo im gonna get, and i am reaaally happy with my result after 4 hour sitting

  41. Avatar of Charles C. Rushing

    Charles C. Rushing (verified owner)

    Not for me at all

  42. Avatar of William M. Greene

    William M. Greene (verified owner)

    Great will definitely always use!

  43. Avatar of Derick C. Hatfield

    Derick C. Hatfield (verified owner)

    no pain, no feeling whatsoever. i love this stuff!

  44. Avatar of Robert A. Dial

    Robert A. Dial (verified owner)

    Got this done today and didn’t feel a thing! I love this cream, I’ll be using it every time I get a tattoo! I would 100% recommend this cream.

  45. Avatar of Gary B. Barrientes

    Gary B. Barrientes (verified owner)

    My wife loves it she put it all over the top of her foot and took the tattoo like a champ. The effects lasted about 3 1/2 hrs. While getting tattooed we rubbed more on and it helped a lot.

  46. Avatar of Natasha M. Finley

    Natasha M. Finley (verified owner)

    My tattoo session is as about four and a half hours and the numbing cream did last for at least three hours before I had to bare the pain for the last hour and a half. Surprisingly I survived lol. But yes I highly recommend this cream! You wouldn’t feel a single thing and I also suggest you to follow the instructions for the cream for it to work properly before you head into your local shop. The tube is small and I ended up using one whole tube for half of my arm and I also bought a second as a back too just in case it wasn’t enough but one was perfect!

  47. Avatar of Derrick P. Botello

    Derrick P. Botello (verified owner)

    My tattoo artist recommended this from another client he had. This stuff is fantastic! The numbing effect is strong, and it lasts for hours! I applied it to the area of my arm about an hour before and again 30 minutes before we started. The site was completely numb for the entire 3-hour session! It’s incredible to think about all the pain I endured while getting my sleeves done over the last ten years! Never again with this stuff! High praise from me, for sure!!

  48. Avatar of Larry L. Wadley

    Larry L. Wadley (verified owner)

    Got a chest piece done, the numbing cream was awesome and help tremendously.

  49. Avatar of Lillie M. Davis

    Lillie M. Davis (verified owner)

    good morning i am very happy with the cream i used it this weekend when i got my tattoo and found nothing genius

  50. Avatar of Deanna R. Rowe

    Deanna R. Rowe (verified owner)

    My clients loved it! will be recommending to my clients .I make it a point to ask every client if they have a “Cain “ allergy because it works so well! Must leave on for 25:30 Mins prior to tattooing to get full effect

  51. Avatar of Kevin T. Volker

    Kevin T. Volker (verified owner)

    Fucking awesome. Barely felt my knee tattoo.

  52. Avatar of Jerri T. Fry

    Jerri T. Fry (verified owner)

    Followed the instructions to the letter and I was smiling thru the entire process. Worked like a charm…pun intended!!!!

  53. Avatar of Patricia J. Hunter

    Patricia J. Hunter (verified owner)

    Finger tattoo inked on Tues. Followed instructions and through the whole process I didn’t feel a scratch or any pain. It’s now 3 days on and my finger feels like the rest of my fingers………its like I never even had it tattoed

  54. Avatar of Luz B. Linger

    Luz B. Linger (verified owner)

    Love this product

  55. Avatar of Charles S. Stratton

    Charles S. Stratton (verified owner)

    Excellent product! Used TKTX Numbing Cream for the first time on my elbow ditch. I typically dread getting tattooed honestly. This completely transformed my entire experience. I was actually able to somewhat relax and have a conversation rather than sitting there contemplating life

  56. Avatar of Kathy A. Jones

    Kathy A. Jones (verified owner)

    Just got this done took 5 hours soooo much line work. Didn’t feel anything. I have tried TKTX and doctor numb and the official nhs numbing cream and they have all worn off in about 2 hours leaving me dieing by the time the white goes in. Today with this product I am still pretty numb works so dam well. Thank you guys saved my life. Time to get more tats. (I used a hot towel to open my pores then the cream went on under cling film, left on for about 2 hours)

  57. Avatar of Louise D. Odell

    Louise D. Odell (verified owner)

    Jesus himself couldn’t of made a better product. Sat 5 hours finishing my sleeve, inside of arm and elbow, and didn’t feel a thing. Won’t ever get a tattoo without using this again!

  58. Avatar of Lloyd J. Reinhardt

    Lloyd J. Reinhardt (verified owner)

    Je n’ai quasiment rien senti ,cela a offert un tatoo très confortable

  59. Avatar of Jeanette J. Brunner

    Jeanette J. Brunner (verified owner)

    Didnt feel a thing!

  60. Avatar of Marcelo P. Hampton

    Marcelo P. Hampton (verified owner)

    It’s amazing I will buy more

  61. Avatar of Molly J. Rodriguez

    Molly J. Rodriguez (verified owner)

    It works.

  62. Avatar of Robert K. Foote

    Robert K. Foote (verified owner)

    It works great

  63. Avatar of Carroll A. Morrison

    Carroll A. Morrison (verified owner)

    Didn’t feel a thing . It’s great going this Monday to get another one fone.
    Kay Bibb

  64. Avatar of Willie B. Woods

    Willie B. Woods (verified owner)

    It works amazing! My artist (Instagram) @senpaiiiart has been recommending it to all his canvases and we love it

  65. Avatar of Jason B. Stringer

    Jason B. Stringer (verified owner)

    Didn’t feel a thing

  66. Avatar of Salina T. Tinoco

    Salina T. Tinoco (verified owner)

    Didn’t feel a thing

  67. Avatar of Edward W. Sanchez

    Edward W. Sanchez (verified owner)

    Didn’t believe it, but it works. Felt nothing at all

  68. Avatar of Dorothea K. Olivas

    Dorothea K. Olivas (verified owner)

    It didn’t last as long as I would have liked only about 1 1/2 hours but for a 3 hour tattoo it wasn’t to bad. It definitely helped.

  69. Avatar of Daniel I. McKinnon

    Daniel I. McKinnon (verified owner)

    Can not believe it actually worked, the knee is the worst spot on the body to be tattooed, I think anyways.
    Applied the cream 1 hour before n wrapped it in cling wrap, AND I DID NOT FEEL A THING!!!!!

  70. Avatar of Donald A. Weber

    Donald A. Weber (verified owner)

    Best product set 8 hrs felt no pain 10/10

  71. Avatar of Marion M. Peterson

    Marion M. Peterson (verified owner)

    Been using this for a while now. It’s simply amazing!

  72. Avatar of Robert B. Stewart

    Robert B. Stewart (verified owner)

    Back of my thigh. No pain!

  73. Avatar of Leslie M. Stanley

    Leslie M. Stanley (verified owner)

    I would highly recommend this cream to anyone that is getting a tattoo it work great an hour and a half of tattooing and I didn’t feel a thing. I even book my next appointment to use it agai.

  74. Avatar of Amy M. Coil

    Amy M. Coil (verified owner)

    I wasn’t sure where I would be getting my tattoo, so we were only able to wrap it and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Even with just half an hour, it was sooo much easier to sit through my tattoo!! I also have really sensitive skin and it made it a lot easier for my artist.

  75. Avatar of Nadine J. Rodriguez

    Nadine J. Rodriguez (verified owner)

    I was sleeping lol this product its amazing

  76. Avatar of Lucy D. Vargas

    Lucy D. Vargas (verified owner)

    Amazing!! Got 5 hours and remaining tattoo time was manageable !! 10/10 would recommend !! Wil be buying more !

  77. Avatar of Courtney W. Black

    Courtney W. Black (verified owner)

    Amazing product!

  78. Avatar of William S. Reed

    William S. Reed (verified owner)

    Amazing painless

  79. Avatar of Howard E. Lantz

    Howard E. Lantz (verified owner)

    Amazing cream! Had my knee tattooed and didn’t feel a thing! Total game changer! I’ve recommended it to everyone!

  80. Avatar of Lydia L. Dolph

    Lydia L. Dolph (verified owner)

    I used the cream for my first tattoo as instructed on the box. I’m not some bot or fake person writing this, I’m a person with a huge fear of needles and when I say I did not feel a single thing, I mean it. Amazing cream and I will be buying it again.

  81. Avatar of Judi C. Shore

    Judi C. Shore (verified owner)

    Absolutely Loved it! Will definitely be purchasing again SOON! THANK YOU!

  82. Avatar of James S. Carpenter

    James S. Carpenter (verified owner)

    I really didn’t think that this stuff was gonna work so tried it out with my tattoo and OMG it is amazing I didn’t feel a thing. Highly recommend..

  83. Avatar of William S. Carpino

    William S. Carpino (verified owner)

    Absolutely I looove this of course I hurts at the end but I didn’t care at all also jajaja love this im gonna buy 3 more

  84. Avatar of Denise R. Davis

    Denise R. Davis (verified owner)

    I put it on for only an hour because I don’t expect the artist to be ready right when I came in the door. But even with that, my arm is still numb 5 hours later. I didn’t feel one needle prick the whole time! It was awesome and a game changer .

  85. Avatar of Jess E. Raymond

    Jess E. Raymond (verified owner)

    I own a tattoo shop and decided to try this product out on myself so I could go ve an honest opinion to my clients about how well it works
    100% pain free did not feel anything the whole time this numbing cream works excellent I will definitely be carrying this to offer a pain free tattoo to future clients!!

  86. Avatar of Bonnie A. Wachter

    Bonnie A. Wachter (verified owner)

    I loved this product TKTX Numb Green – Lidocaine 16%

  87. Avatar of Gladys J. Wiedeman

    Gladys J. Wiedeman (verified owner)

    A 6 hour sitting and wow I sat through it all like a trooper, reapplied after a couple of times! Amazing stuff highly recommended and have recommended to people. My boyfriend is a tattooist and he highly recommends your cream to all his clients !!

  88. Avatar of Carmen H. Holloway

    Carmen H. Holloway (verified owner)

    I love this cream, I will never get another tattoo without it!!!

  89. Avatar of Susan T. Wilkins

    Susan T. Wilkins (verified owner)

    I love it ….I recommend to everyone

  90. Avatar of Gregory T. Rogers

    Gregory T. Rogers (verified owner)

    I just love this product. I’ve used it probly 7 times now . Wish I would have found this before I sleeved both my legs .lol

  91. Avatar of Jacqueline T. Jefferson

    Jacqueline T. Jefferson (verified owner)

    10/10 I have been getting tattooed for over 10 years and I have never used a cream that is more effective than this. I applied 90 min before my tattoo the area is completely numb. Best product hands down

  92. Avatar of Elouise T. Nassar

    Elouise T. Nassar (verified owner)


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