TKTX Numb Yellow

(97 customer reviews)

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The TKTX Numb Yellow 78% Numbing Cream is the perfect solution for those seeking effective and long-lasting pain relief during aesthetic procedures and tattoos. Designed to meet the needs of professionals and enthusiasts alike, this numbing cream provides exceptional comfort, allowing you to enjoy every moment of your treatment without worry.

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TKTX Numb Yellow
TKTX Numb Yellow

TKTX Numb Yellow 87%

TKTX Numb Yellow Numbing Cream is a cutting-edge solution designed to alleviate discomfort during aesthetic and dermatological procedures. Engineered with a high concentration of numbing agents, this cream ensures effective pain relief for tattoos, laser hair removal, and various cosmetic treatments.

Its advanced formula guarantees swift and prolonged anesthetic effects, enhancing comfort throughout procedures. The rapid absorption technology facilitates easy application, swiftly reducing pain and discomfort associated with such treatments.

Formulated with meticulously selected ingredients to minimize allergic reactions, TKTX Numb Yellow boasts a smooth, non-greasy texture for seamless application and uniform coverage.

Ideal for professionals and clients alike, TKTX Numb Yellow sets a new standard in anesthetic care, offering a safe and reliable option for superior pain relief during cosmetic procedures.

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  • Superior Anesthetic Potency: TKTX Numb Yellow combines high-quality anesthetic agents for rapid and effective pain relief. It's suitable for tattoos, permanent makeup, and cosmetic treatments.
  • Innovative Formula: Penetrates deeply for swift and long-lasting relief, marking an industry breakthrough.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for tattoos, laser hair removal, and dermatological procedures.
  • Long-Lasting Effect: Fast absorption with prolonged relief, reducing the need for frequent reapplication.
  • Easy Application: Smooth, creamy texture for effortless and uniform coverage.


  • Immediate Pain Relief: Quickly alleviates discomfort, enhancing comfort during procedures.
  • Professional Reliability: Trusted by industry professionals for its consistent effectiveness.
  • Convenient and Safe: Uses high-quality ingredients for safety and ease of use.

How to Use TKTX Numb Yellow:

  1. Cleanse the Skin: Clean the area with alcohol to remove any impurities.
  2. Prepare the Area: Scrape the area gently where the procedure will be performed.
  3. Apply the Cream: Apply a thick layer of TKTX Numb Yellow and rub it in slowly.
  4. Wrap the Area: Cover the area with plastic film to enhance absorption.
  5. Wait: Leave the plastic film on for the recommended time to ensure maximum numbing effect.
  6. Remove the Film: Remove the plastic film and clean off any excess cream before starting the procedure.

About TKTX Company:

TKTX Company, the official manufacturer of TKTX creams in China, is the only certified and official store worldwide. The company is dedicated to innovation and quality, operating a state-of-the-art factory adhering to strict production standards. Buying directly from the TKTX official store guarantees you receive a genuine product with all the benefits of authenticity.

For those looking to buy TKTX, the TKTX official store is the safest and most reliable place. The company offers a wide range of products, ensuring everyone can find the perfect solution for their pain relief needs. With TKTX Company, you can always expect the best in terms of effectiveness and safety.


Discover the exceptional pain relief and comfort provided by TKTX Numb Yellow Numbing Cream. As a leading choice in the market, it sets a benchmark for its effectiveness and reliability. This potent formula ensures rapid and efficient pain relief during various aesthetic and dermatological procedures, including tattoos, laser hair removal, and cosmetic treatments. Its smooth application and long-lasting effect make it highly favored by professionals and individuals alike.

Purchase now to experience the renowned benefits of TKTX Numb Yellow Numbing Cream. With its high anesthetic potency, you can proceed confidently and comfortably through any procedure. Explore our full range of TKTX products, including different strengths to cater to your specific pain relief needs. Our commitment to quality and effectiveness guarantees optimal care and superior results every time.

Discover why TKTX is trusted globally for top-tier numbing solutions.

10 g
10 × 3 × 2 cm

TKTX Numb Yellow


Lidocaine 20%, Epinephrine 2%

Anesthetic Power



10 x 03 x 03 cm



Color Cream

White, Pink

Average Anesthetic Effect Time

5 to 7 hours (with correct application), depending on the type of skin

Base Ingredient

Benzilic alcohol, carbon, lecithin, propylene glycol, tocopherol acetate, water


TKTX Company


MSDS and Cruelty Free

Occupation Area

Each product efficiently serves an area of approximately 20 x 20 centimeters.


Hong Kong

Package Content

1 Tube with holographic seal

Tube Material



2 (two) years

Validity After Opening

Keep tightly closed, use within 30 days



97 reviews for TKTX Numb Yellow

  1. Avatar of Maria R. Pierce

    Maria R. Pierce (verified owner)

    Works great, I didn’t feel any pain while getting my tattoo.
    The cream lasted about 3 hours for me.

  2. Avatar of Carl M. Kaminski

    Carl M. Kaminski (verified owner)

    With your numbing cream it made my experience painless ! I ordered 3 more.

  3. Avatar of Robert D. Wilder

    Robert D. Wilder (verified owner)

    Was nervous but after using the cream didn’t fill anything until the end but replied again and completed fine

  4. Avatar of Keith N. Reeder

    Keith N. Reeder (verified owner)

    I had to sit for the first of 3- 5 hour sessions and I don’t know if I could have done it so easily without this product! Definitely will use it for every tattoo!!

  5. Avatar of Ruth L. Comes

    Ruth L. Comes (verified owner)

    I had no pain, so great … thank you!!!

  6. Avatar of Farrah P. Hubert

    Farrah P. Hubert (verified owner)

    I had 4 sessions done and all different experience because of my own fault. When done properly it’s was amazing, I couldn’t feel it. When I did it incorrectly or I didn’t order a new tube in time I was suffering. This was a big piece to cover up stretch marks from 4 kids

  7. Avatar of Cheryl H. Eaves

    Cheryl H. Eaves (verified owner)

    I got this numbing cream for a sternum and underboob tattoo I wanted done, and it was INCREDIBLE!! It was my first time ever using a numbing cream and I do not think I’ll ever get another tattoo without using it! Plus, I’ll be honest.. I was so skeptical. I was like there is no way it can be totally pain free, right?!? But it was! Definitely recommend 🙂

  8. Avatar of Cheryl K. Hicks

    Cheryl K. Hicks (verified owner)

    I got more of my tattoo done…under my arm in the arm pit area…..a very ….very sensitive spot…..after using TKTX Numbing Cream….I truly felt absolutely no pain ….whatsoever…….! A remarkable product that works exactly as advertised……!!!!

  9. Avatar of Stephen B. Newman

    Stephen B. Newman (verified owner)

    I felt nothing when getting my tattoo. This stuff is amazing and I recommend this product to everyone

  10. Avatar of Jewel J. Miller

    Jewel J. Miller (verified owner)

    I didn’t feel anything.

  11. Avatar of Anthony A. Langley

    Anthony A. Langley (verified owner)

    Trust me it works!!!!!!!

  12. Avatar of William D. Whitaker

    William D. Whitaker (verified owner)

    Tried many products and TKTX Numbing Cream is the best of the best!

  13. Avatar of Bonita M. Williams

    Bonita M. Williams (verified owner)

    Totally works wonders for longer sessions. Wrap it up on the way to the tattoo parlor and away you go!

  14. Avatar of Jose G. Newkirk

    Jose G. Newkirk (verified owner)

    This works great better than any other cream I’ve tried don’t feel a thing for three hours!

  15. Avatar of Diane L. Lynch

    Diane L. Lynch (verified owner)

    This was my first tattoo and I was getting my forearm tattoo I was nervous but after seeing the reviews I decided to try it and it numbed my whole forearm for about 3 hours didn’t feel a thing. Definitely gonna buy another one !

  16. Avatar of Eileen G. McCormick

    Eileen G. McCormick (verified owner)

    This was about 5 hours of work, applied one hour before and just had to take a 30 minute break and add more cream to the shoulder area! 10-10 I highly recommend.. I have bought this 3 different times and loved it each time

  17. Avatar of William C. Schenk

    William C. Schenk (verified owner)

    This TKTX Numbing Cream is an absolute game changer! I got a piece done on my calf and felt no pain whatsoever, my artist had to wake me up twice to move my leg since I fell asleep during the session. I will definitely be buying more!!

  18. Avatar of Charlie M. Sims

    Charlie M. Sims (verified owner)

    This stuff is awesome! It made a sternum/stomach piece feel like nothing at all! Just remember to wrap yourself up nice and tight an hour to 1.5 hours before your procedure and you’ll be good. It can also be used during the tattoo for when your artist takes a break. This is great stuff, I will be ordering more!

  19. Avatar of Christine J. Jackson

    Christine J. Jackson (verified owner)

    This stuff is AMAZING! Couldn’t feel a thing for about four hours

  20. Avatar of Nathan P. Patterson

    Nathan P. Patterson (verified owner)

    This product is a game changer !!!!

  21. Avatar of Christopher S. Yingling

    Christopher S. Yingling (verified owner)

    this numbing cream is the only brand i trust to give me the painless tattoo experience i need. my pain tolerance is so so low and i can’t stand tattooing pain.

  22. Avatar of Geneva R. Tanner

    Geneva R. Tanner (verified owner)

    This is some Awesome stuff!!!! My wife enjoyed it and I did as well…..I knew that I was being tattooed and that was it…We did not feel nothing. I will use it again. Thank you!

  23. Avatar of Katie T. Marquez

    Katie T. Marquez (verified owner)

    This cream is AMAZING. The trick is to put it on and then wrap the area in clear wrap. Sealing it that way makes it WAY more effective. Takes about 1.5 hours to make it really numb and lasts for around 3-4 hours.

  24. Avatar of Francis C. Ashworth

    Francis C. Ashworth (verified owner)

    The older I get, I cant handle the pain as well. So thankful this product actually works!!

  25. Avatar of John O. Weaver

    John O. Weaver (verified owner)

    the numbing cream worked really well for a while. i do recommend leaving it on for at least 1.5 hours or longer to get the maximum effect, as i didn’t leave it on for very long and it was wearing off by the end of my tattoo. i left it on my arm for a few hours and it worked amazing . it is a lot smaller than i expected so i would recommend getting multiple to be safe. definitely make sure you apply it on a wider surface than where you’re getting tattooed, as i missed some spots and it hurt even more. would definitely recommend though!

  26. Avatar of Destiny A. Girard

    Destiny A. Girard (verified owner)

    The numbing cream was absolutely amazing!! I will be using this for my next session most definitely!!

  27. Avatar of Christopher J. Hinderliter

    Christopher J. Hinderliter (verified owner)

    The fact I can get a tattoo and not even feel it. Makes me the happiest person alive. Even falling asleep. I will continue to purchase this product and recommend it to everyone.

  28. Avatar of Audrey W. Roberson

    Audrey W. Roberson (verified owner)

    The directions say apply 2 hours before , but I think 45 to an hour before your tattoo is just right. You feel it right away, and it really does numb it, I still could feel the needle but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle, I didn’t feel any shading which I was very surprised of! My tattoo artist went to shade a part I didn’t apply the lotion on and I felt everything, it really does work and a little goes a really long way. I still have a little over half of the tube . 10/10 would recommend! & within the week of you ordering it’s in your mailbox:)))

  29. Avatar of Audrey W. Roberson

    Audrey W. Roberson (verified owner)

    The directions say apply 2 hours before , but I think 45 to an hour before your tattoo is just right. You feel it right away, and it really does numb it, I still could feel the needle but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle, I didn’t feel any shading which I was very surprised of! My tattoo artist went to shade a part I didn’t apply the lotion on and I felt everything, it really does work and a little goes a really long way. I still have a little over half of the tube . 10/10 would recommend! & within the week of you ordering it’s in your mailbox:)))

  30. Avatar of Alex P. Smith

    Alex P. Smith (verified owner)

    The cream worked well and made a tough spot tolerable. Thank you!

  31. Avatar of Marcus D. Finn

    Marcus D. Finn (verified owner)

    The cream was great I barely felt anything and I plan on using it again.

  32. Avatar of John C. Johnson

    John C. Johnson (verified owner)

    The cream made the experience so much easier with being able to sit with feeling no type of pain ! Definitely would recommend!!

  33. Avatar of Barbara B. Smith

    Barbara B. Smith (verified owner)

    So I used arguably WAY less of this stuff than advised because it’s expensive and I hated to use a third of the tube or more in one go. Plus, I figured SOME relief is better than none, so even if it didn’t work to it’s full potential it would be better than nothing. I also wasn’t 100% sure where I was putting this piece, so I put the cream on much more of my leg than I needed to. ANYWAYS. BUY. THIS. STUFF. I put it on at 1:45pm, only about 45 minutes before the start of the session. Remember, less than recommended, and even at that, the relief was SUBSTANTIAL. AND, my effing leg was numb until 10:30pm.

  34. Avatar of Willie J. Hill

    Willie J. Hill (verified owner)

    Sat for 5 hours on my second back session. Me and my artist both love the product as it takes away the twitching and moving which in turn slows the tattooing down. 3rd time using it and also got other people on it. 20% off for my next order?

  35. Avatar of John G. Walsh

    John G. Walsh (verified owner)

    I bought the cream, scheduled my tattoo and I got it. Didn’t hurt at all, just felt the vibration. It’s so wonderful, I’m placing an order for more to get more tats.

  36. Avatar of Theodore A. Turner

    Theodore A. Turner (verified owner)

    I applied the cream 3 hrs prior, wrapped in Saran. It worked perfectly for about an hour, then wore off. I was hoping for a longer effectively, but even the one hour out of 3 was a help!

  37. Avatar of Patricia T. Pacheco

    Patricia T. Pacheco (verified owner)

    Put it on an hour before my leg tattoo and wrapped it. Didn’t actually think it would work but it was amazing, I sat for an hour and a half on a leg tattoo and didn’t feel a thing. Would highly recommend

  38. Avatar of Curtis O. Poling

    Curtis O. Poling (verified owner)

    I applied 1.5 hrs before my 3 hr session I didn’t feel much just pressure like going to the dentist.. I even fell asleep lol I SWEAR by this Cream Better than no other.

  39. Avatar of John R. Carroll

    John R. Carroll (verified owner)

    I am absolutely amazed! I did not feel anything. I love this cream and would recommend it to anyone. Honest… it truly works 100% thumbs up! 5 stars

  40. Avatar of Susan J. Gardner

    Susan J. Gardner (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this cream!!! To be pain free the whole time is so awesome!!! I definitely recommend and have just placed an order for more!!! I was numb longer than three hours. More like 5. It was great!!!!

  41. Avatar of Olive M. Vinson

    Olive M. Vinson (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this cream!!! I didn’t feel anything except vibration!!! It didn’t work on my finger as well …I’m guessing cause fingers have way less fat. But I will absolutely buy more!!! I also tried it on my chest tattoo and didn’t feel it either! I highly recommend!!!

  42. Avatar of Johnnie J. Hinson

    Johnnie J. Hinson (verified owner)

    Huge fan of The TKTX Numbing Cream.

  43. Avatar of Donna K. Turpin

    Donna K. Turpin (verified owner)

    Omg this cream is f$&king amazing!! Couldn’t feel a thing! Thanks for making this product!!!

  44. Avatar of Donna K. Turpin

    Donna K. Turpin (verified owner)

    Omg this cream is f$&king amazing!! Couldn’t feel a thing! Thanks for making this product!!!

  45. Avatar of Mary D. Scott

    Mary D. Scott (verified owner)

    Have been using this to finish up my sleeve. Have a lot of scar tissue from massive surgeries on my arm that are extremely sensitive. The cream made it very bearable to get done. 10/10 recommended

  46. Avatar of Marjorie J. Wood

    Marjorie J. Wood (verified owner)

    Had to get a color touch up and once again, no pain. I’ll never get a tattoo again without this cream. It really works!

  47. Avatar of Helen F. Slusser

    Helen F. Slusser (verified owner)

    No pain love this stuff. Will get more for next tattoo!!!

  48. Avatar of Vickie J. Fuller

    Vickie J. Fuller (verified owner)

    Got my sleeve done with this numbing cream. I’ve done 4 sessions so far. The first three were with nothing on. My 4th session my tattoo artist recommended this stuff at least for my armpit area and packing color in my elbow. After he did my armpit and elbow with this cream on, I’ll never get a tattoo without it now. I was numb for 5 hours and could have sat for longer if my artist wasn’t in a rush to get home. This stuff is fantastic

  49. Avatar of Julia D. Ryan

    Julia D. Ryan (verified owner)

    My tattoo artist recommended this product to me and I am so thankful. My foot was a very painful spot, and the numbing cream made such a difference. I had the linework done without it a month ago, and finished the tattoo a couple of days ago. Not only was the pain way more manageable, but the healing has been less irritable too. I will definitely use this for all of my tattoo sessions going forward.

  50. Avatar of Jackie R. Clark

    Jackie R. Clark (verified owner)

    Got a viking’Family and Marriage Viking emblem and a rune ‘M’ on my wedding finger. Did not feel a thing, ver y helpful spot on

  51. Avatar of Caroline R. Diehl

    Caroline R. Diehl (verified owner)

    My pain threshold is 1hr 15mins max. I sat through 3hrs of tattoo and felt very little to nothing at all. After 3hrs started to wear off and felt 55% pain. Best solution to tattooing ever!!!

  52. Avatar of Karen R. Sackett

    Karen R. Sackett (verified owner)

    My client left it on 90 mins prior to his appointment. We did the outline then covered the top with the cream as I coloured in the bottom. Around 6 hours with minimum pain at moments

  53. Avatar of Shawn D. Jenson

    Shawn D. Jenson (verified owner)

    Make Sure To Wrap After applying, apply thick coat ! Absolutely Amazing!

  54. Avatar of John F. Barreto

    John F. Barreto (verified owner)

    Feels like a pencil or pen drawing you can’t feel the needle going in and out it’s amazing in spots that hurt the most !

  55. Avatar of Dawn R. Brown

    Dawn R. Brown (verified owner)

    Love it. This Stuff makes the experience way better and the healing phase seems much faster. Without the skin grabbing constantly, the healing seems to take less time. Love it. will keep using it for sure!

  56. Avatar of Michael B. Buck

    Michael B. Buck (verified owner)

    Fantástica la pasé muy bien en mi proceso. 🙂 dolor 1 de 10.

  57. Avatar of Travis T. Cunningham

    Travis T. Cunningham (verified owner)

    Does what it’s name says it does, perfect to use in those super sensitive spots, I love the cream and highly recommend it to people who get anxiety due to the pain of tattoos.

  58. Avatar of Jose D. Jordan

    Jose D. Jordan (verified owner)

    J’ai fait des tattoos depuis 30 ans et j’attaque des zones ultra sensibles et avec la crème tranquille 2h

  59. Avatar of Ron J. Smith

    Ron J. Smith (verified owner)

    Ive had a few tattoos before but was having one done on my side.
    I used this cream for the first time and now I will never have another tattoo without it!
    This is just one sitting and still have another to go….but this sitting took
    4 1/2 hrs and I didn’t feel a thing!
    Right near the very end of the
    4 1/2 hrs I did start to feel the needle but I can’t complain at all.
    This stuff is absolutely amazing and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a painless tattoo!

  60. Avatar of Patricia R. Borrelli

    Patricia R. Borrelli (verified owner)

    Its PERFECT ! never feel a thing in 2h00 !

  61. Avatar of Gabriel D. Moore

    Gabriel D. Moore (verified owner)

    It’s amazing!! Clients say you can’t feel nothing at all. Very high quality. Worth it.

  62. Avatar of Thomas J. Cody

    Thomas J. Cody (verified owner)

    Didn’t feel a thing! Definitely worth it.

  63. Avatar of Yesenia D. Edwards

    Yesenia D. Edwards (verified owner)

    Didn’t feel a thing and I got my entire butt cheek tattooed

  64. Avatar of Sheryl W. McCoy

    Sheryl W. McCoy (verified owner)

    Did not feel a thing for the first hour and a half. Started to wear off a bit but that is also after cleaning it down for breaks. I highly recommend and will definitely use again.

  65. Avatar of Shirley R. Kane

    Shirley R. Kane (verified owner)

    It was amazing!! Did not feel anything !! This was my first tattoo and was scared of the pain… felt nothing !! Thank you

  66. Avatar of Renee M. Alonso

    Renee M. Alonso (verified owner)

    It didn’t work on my foot very well, but my tattoo artist said its likely as its less fleshy there. But it worked great around my ankle so made the overall experience a lot easier. I’m prone to dizziness and fainting and often need a break, but this helped me get through with no problems.

  67. Avatar of Amy C. Patrick

    Amy C. Patrick (verified owner)

    It didn’t last as long as I would have liked only about 1 1/2 hours but for a 3 hour tattoo it wasn’t to bad. It definitely helped.

  68. Avatar of Susanna C. Smith

    Susanna C. Smith (verified owner)

    It definitely works! I didn’t feel a thing for about an hour. It didn’t last as long as it says it does. But it definitely worked! Doesn’t come with a whole lot in the tube for the amount of money. But overall i think it’s worth it for even part of the pain to not be there lol. I will be buying some more in the future!

  69. Avatar of Patricia H. Ponder

    Patricia H. Ponder (verified owner)

    Customer enjoyed the pain free tattoo.

  70. Avatar of Frederic R. Smith

    Frederic R. Smith (verified owner)

    Is arrived fast Works excellent

  71. Avatar of Pamela P. Carter

    Pamela P. Carter (verified owner)

    Client said it worked a treat and couldn’t of done that many hours without it Again thank you so much for a great product

    Pink Chameleon Tattoo Studio x

  72. Avatar of Jacqueline R. Hodges

    Jacqueline R. Hodges (verified owner)

    I’ve tried multiple numbing creams off Amazon but this is by far the best, put in 1.5 hrs before and wrap it, my artist takes it off and cleans it up, arm numb AF & he goes to work.

  73. Avatar of Jacqueline R. Hodges

    Jacqueline R. Hodges (verified owner)

    I’ve tried multiple numbing creams off Amazon but this is by far the best, put in 1.5 hrs before and wrap it, my artist takes it off and cleans it up, arm numb AF & he goes to work.

  74. Avatar of Tina P. Carroll

    Tina P. Carroll (verified owner)

    I’ma tattoo artist from the state of Utah and this is the first time I use numbing cream on myself and it works 200% love it! I will definitely recommend my clients that have trouble sitting through out there session

  75. Avatar of David T. Manson

    David T. Manson (verified owner)

    I’m on my third session and I’ll say this. Follow the instructions and you will not be disappointed. My tattoo artist even said she was buying some. Ordering more today, I have several tattoos lined up.

  76. Avatar of Craig E. Thompson

    Craig E. Thompson (verified owner)

    I’m addicted if I hadn’t experienced it for myself if I would never have believed it totally works I say pain free through entire stomach tat

  77. Avatar of Jeannette J. Martin

    Jeannette J. Martin (verified owner)


  78. Avatar of Eric M. Stafford

    Eric M. Stafford (verified owner)


  79. Avatar of Joann J. Nelson

    Joann J. Nelson (verified owner)

    I was worth it!! It helped me endure my 11 hours tattoo session, didn’t feel a thing for the first hours! Totally recommended!

  80. Avatar of Carol R. Padilla

    Carol R. Padilla (verified owner)

    AMAZING!!!!!! I will be buying this from now on!!!!

  81. Avatar of Floyd B. Colon

    Floyd B. Colon (verified owner)

    Amazing, 3 hours of no pain on my client.

  82. Avatar of Jonathan B. McAfee

    Jonathan B. McAfee (verified owner)

    Amazing this stuff works!!

  83. Avatar of David V. Salters

    David V. Salters (verified owner)

    Amazing product. Couldn’t feel a thing!

  84. Avatar of Sharon R. Bruggeman

    Sharon R. Bruggeman (verified owner)

    I used this cream to have my lip fillers done, i had seen it on social media and thought I’d give it ago….wow…..I couldn’t feel hardly anything after leaving it on 2 hours before I went for my appointment. Highly recommended without a shadow of doubt!!…….will use again.

  85. Avatar of Marietta R. Hopper

    Marietta R. Hopper (verified owner)

    I used a tube for a cover up, 2 hrs before the appointment & it lasted for 2 1/2 hrs maybe 3. Felt no pain, and even after it wore off the pain was manageable. I have one more then left will use it for my next appointment next week. Instagram Drshipwreck

  86. Avatar of Marietta R. Hopper

    Marietta R. Hopper (verified owner)

    I used a tube for a cover up, 2 hrs before the appointment & it lasted for 2 1/2 hrs maybe 3. Felt no pain, and even after it wore off the pain was manageable. I have one more then left will use it for my next appointment next week. Instagram Drshipwreck

  87. Avatar of Mildred S. Kott

    Mildred S. Kott (verified owner)

    ACTUALLY works 12/10

  88. Avatar of Deborah L. Decosta

    Deborah L. Decosta (verified owner)

    I started the work on the back during the summer and finish in December. After the first session of 7 in a half hours, I knew I was going to need something to help me sit through it. 47 hours later we’re finally done.

  89. Avatar of Michael H. Amoroso

    Michael H. Amoroso (verified owner)

    Absolutely LOVED this cream! I will never get a tattoo again without using it! Honestly barely felt anything… 10/10!

  90. Avatar of Emery L. Hale

    Emery L. Hale (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this stuff had my back tattooed on Thursday and it was 4 and 1/2 hour sitting I nearly fell asleep as didn’t feel a thing brilliant stuff 5*****

  91. Avatar of Steven V. Walker

    Steven V. Walker (verified owner)

    About 2 1/2-3hrs you can barely tell they are ripping needles across your skin… 2nd time using this amazing product! I usually sit for 4-7 hr sessions this helps tremendously! Just get a tube and try it and welcome to the family! 🙂

  92. Avatar of Gina N. Ruiz

    Gina N. Ruiz (verified owner)

    I never feel anything when I apply this thick as directed and wrap an hour and a half before. I keep it in stock for all my upcoming tattoos, too!

  93. Avatar of Maurice E. Anderson

    Maurice E. Anderson (verified owner)

    I loved this product TKTX Numb Yellow – Lidocaine 20%

  94. Avatar of Gloria S. Williams

    Gloria S. Williams (verified owner)

    3 hour tattoo, 2.5 hours pain free.. stoked with that

  95. Avatar of Joseph A. Edwards

    Joseph A. Edwards (verified owner)

    100% the way forward. 3 hours didn’t feel a thing. I order this all the time now 🙂

  96. Avatar of Delbert F. Weiss

    Delbert F. Weiss (verified owner)

    I just love this product. I’ve used it probly 7 times now . Wish I would have found this before I sleeved both my legs .lol

  97. Avatar of John B. Smith

    John B. Smith (verified owner)

    I honestly doubted this cream. After trying over the counter numbing creams, I was very skeptical and thought I’d waste my money on yet another useless cream but this cream definitely does wonders! I honestly did not feel a thing for many hours. As someone who enjoys tattoos but can’t tolerate any sort of pain for long, I’m glad this product exists. Ain’t no shame on cheating on tattooing without pain.

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