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Get to know TKTX Gel 30ML 40% Numbing Original!

TKTX Gel 30ML 40% Numbing is an innovative solution for effective pain relief during dermatological and aesthetic procedures. With a potent 40% concentration of active ingredients, this numbing gel offers an advanced approach to minimizing discomfort associated with tattoos, laser hair removal and other treatments.

Optimal Strength:

TKTX Gel boasts a potent 40% concentration of active numbing agents, making it an ideal choice for tattoos, piercings, and minor skin procedures. Experience relief with a formula designed for optimal strength.

Quick-Acting Formula:

Swift relief is at your fingertips. TKTX Gel is engineered for fast absorption, delivering a numbing sensation within minutes. Say goodbye to unnecessary pain and embrace a smoother experience.

Long-Lasting Comfort:

Enjoy prolonged comfort during your sessions. TKTX Gel is formulated to maintain its numbing effect, providing reliability for both short and extended procedures. Take control of your experience with lasting relief.

Versatile Application:

Whether you’re a professional artist or an enthusiast, TKTX Gel is versatile and suitable for a range of applications. Enhance your artistry or procedure with the confidence of reduced discomfort.

Skin-Friendly Formulation:

TKTX Gel cares for your skin. The gel is formulated to be gentle on various skin types, minimizing the risk of irritation while maximizing its numbing effectiveness.

Main questions:

How long does the anesthetic action last?
We have to Effect (1 to 2 hours). Following the correct application!

Which layer of the skin is anesthetized?
Reaches the 3 layers of the skin. Epidermis, Dermis, Hypodermis

What is the anesthetic power of this product?
The anesthetic power of this product is 40%


TKTX Gel 30ML 40% Numbing
TKTX Gel 30ML 40% Numbing

TKTX Gel 30ML 40% Numbing Original: Certified Safety and Cruelty-Free Assurance

At TKTX, we prioritize your safety and ethical values. We are proud to announce that our TKTX Gel 30ML 40% Numbing Original holds two significant certifications: Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and Cruelty-Free status.

MSDS Certification:

Our commitment to your well-being is reflected in the MSDS certification. This comprehensive document outlines the product's composition, potential hazards, and safe usage guidelines. You can trust that TKTX Gel 30ML 40% Numbing Original has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it meets the highest safety standards.

Cruelty-Free Assurance:

We believe in beauty without cruelty. TKTX Gel 30ML 40% Numbing Original proudly carries the Cruelty-Free certification, affirming that our product is developed without any harm to animals. We stand against animal testing and remain devoted to providing you with ethical and humane products.

Why Choose TKTX Gel 30ML 40% Numbing Original:

  • Certified Safety: MSDS certification guarantees a product that prioritizes your safety.
  • Ethical Beauty: Our commitment to being Cruelty-Free aligns with your values for ethical and responsible choices.

Experience the comfort of TKTX Gel 30ML 40% Numbing Original with the confidence that it meets not only the highest safety standards but also ethical considerations. Choose a product that cares for you and the world.

Join us in the journey towards safe, ethical, and cruelty-free skincare. Experience TKTX Gel 30ML 40% Numbing Original today!

How to Use TKTX Gel 30ML 40% Numbing Original ?

Step 1: Clean and Dry

Before applying TKTX Gel 30ML 40% Numbing Original, ensure that the targeted skin area is clean and completely dry. Cleaning the area helps remove any impurities and ensures optimal absorption of the numbing cream.

Step 2: Application

Dispense a small amount of TKTX Gel 30ML 40% Numbing Original and apply it evenly to the desired skin area. Use a gentle, circular motion to ensure thorough coverage. It's essential to apply a thin layer to achieve the best results.

Step 4: Gentle Massage

Gently massage the area to distribute the TKTX Gel 30ML 40% Numbing Original evenly. This helps with absorption and effective skin coverage.

Step 5: Wait for Absorption

Allow the numbing cream to absorb into the skin. The recommended waiting time can vary, so refer to the product instructions for guidance. This waiting period is crucial for the cream to take full effect and provide maximum numbing relief during your skin procedure.

Step 6: Procedure

Once the waiting period is complete and you feel the numbing effect, proceed with your skin procedure as directed. Whether it's a tattoo, piercing, laser treatment, or another skin-related process, you can confidently go through the experience with reduced discomfort.

Important Note: Consult product instructions for specific information on duration of action and possible precautions. Guidance from a healthcare professional is recommended before use.


  • Follow the instructions provided with the product carefully.
  • Avoid using excessive amounts of the numbing cream.
  • In case of any adverse reactions or concerns, consult with a healthcare professional or the guidance of your skin procedure professional.


Don't let pain hinder your journey to self-expression or skincare. TKTX Gel 30ML 40% Numbing Original empowers you to embrace every procedure with confidence and comfort. Elevate your experience – order your TKTX Gel 30ML 40% Numbing Original today and redefine the way you approach skin procedures.

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Additional Information
Weight 30 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm
Color Gel


Average Anesthetic Effect Time

1 to 2 hours (with correct application), depending on the type of skin

Base ingredient


Brand / Manufacturer



MSDS and Cruelty Free


Lidocaine 6%, Tetracaine 3%, Epinephrine 0.2%


Hong Kong

Package content

1 x 30ml Bottle with holographic seal

Bottle material



2 (two) years

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    Very good, I will buy more

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    Incredible, help at the time of the procedure

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    I loved it, it helped a lot

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    I will buy again, very good.

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    I’m happy with this gel. very good

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