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How to know if tktx cream is original?

The popularity of anesthetic creams like TKTX has grown among those seeking to reduce discomfort during aesthetic procedures such as tattoo removal. However, ensuring that the purchased product is genuine is crucial to avoid health risks and ensure its effectiveness. TKTX Company stands out as the sole reliable source for purchasing genuine TKTX products, offering certificates and guarantees that ensure the quality of their products.

The Importance of Buying from TKTX Company

TKTX Company is recognized as the only official and certified store to sell genuine TKTX products. This means that only by purchasing directly from TKTX Company can you be sure you are acquiring an original product, avoiding counterfeits that could compromise both the efficacy and safety of the anesthetic cream.

How to Verify if TKTX Cream is Original?

1. Packaging

The packaging of genuine TKTX products is carefully designed with high-quality materials and clear printing. Look for signs of poorly printed packaging, faded colors, or indications of tampering. Original TKTX Company packaging is consistent in quality and design.

2. Holographic Seal

Genuine TKTX products have authenticity seals that are difficult to replicate. Check for the presence of holographic seals or other security devices that confirm the authenticity of the product. These seals are usually uniquely placed and cannot be removed without leaving evident traces.

3. Tube Numbering

Each tube of genuine TKTX cream has a unique serial number printed on the packaging. Verify if the serial number matches the one registered by TKTX Company. This verification can be done directly on the company’s website or through an authenticity verification app, if available.

4. Authorized Seller

Purchase TKTX cream only from sellers authorized by TKTX Company. These sellers should be able to provide certificates of authenticity or proof that they are sourcing directly from the official supplier. Be cautious of excessively low prices or offers that seem too good to be true, as these may indicate the sale of counterfeit products.


Ensuring the authenticity of TKTX cream is crucial to guarantee not only the product’s effectiveness but also your safety during sensitive procedures such as tattoo removal. By exclusively buying from TKTX Company, you benefit from the certainty of acquiring an original product with a guarantee of quality and efficacy. Use the methods mentioned to verify the authenticity of the product before use, ensuring a safe and satisfactory experience in your aesthetic procedures.

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